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Published Book

Book Published

1. Gupta, A.K. and Yagi, K. (1980): Petrology and Genesis of Leucite Bearing Rocks.  Springer-Verlag. Berlin. Heidelberg, New York , pp 252.

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4. Gupta, A.K. and Kerrich, R. (eds 1997): The Dynamic Geosphere (Fyfe Volume): Allied Publishers Ltd., 237 pp.

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6. Gupta A.K. (2007): Petrology and Genesis of Igneous Rocks: Narosa Pub. New Delhi. 660p.

7. Gupta A.K. and S. Dasgupta (2009) : Physics and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior : Springer Verlag Co. (A special INSA Platinum Jubillee Volume), 190p.

Special Issue (Edited)

8. Experimental Petrology (Gupta, A.K., Gust Editor, 1990): Special Issue on Experimental Petrology. Proc. Indian Acad. Sci. Bangalore (Earth Plant. Sci. 99(1). p. 1-150) (Includes 16 papers by eminent scientist from abroad).

9. Proceedings of the Second Indo-Soviet Workshop on Experimental Mineralogy and Petrology, Chimkent, U.S.S.R., (Eds. Gupta, A.K., Gaur, V.K., Zharikov, V.A., Chudinovshikh L.T. and Ishbulatov, R.A. 1990) Govt. of India, Department of Sciences and Technology. 164 pp. 

10. Mantle Dynamics: Gupta, A.K. (1998, editor) (An International Volume). National Academy of Sciences (India), 99-236.

11. Experimental Petrological Studies of Rock Systems (2008, editor), Science and Culture, 74, 5- 6, 159-201.  

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