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The Experimental Petrology Laboratory:

The Laboratory has five segments:  

1.    A Glass making Furnace: The laboratory has a Silicon disilicide Induction gass-making furnace capable of heating a crucible up to 1700°C.

  a.   Crystallizing Furnace:

There is a tungsten wire-wound induction furnace capable of crystallizing a glass between 800-1000°C.

2.    Hydrothermal Equipments:

There are four hydrothermal units purchased from Tem.-Press. Company, Pennsylvania.

3.     High Pressure Laboratory:

 a.    A Piston-Cylinder Apparatus:

There is a Boyd-type solid media piston cylinder apparatus capable of conducting experiments up to 35 kbar and temperatures to 2000°C.

 b.   A multi-anvil Walker-type high pressure apparatus:

The unit can be used to do experiments up to 25 GPa and 2500°C.

4.    Workshop Facilities:

The workshop has a lathe machine to prepare a high pressure cell with graphite heater. There is a drilling machine, a section cutting machine and a generator.

5.    Characterization Laboratory:

The institute has a x-ray Diffracto-meter and a Geol Electron Microscope analyzer.



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